Sarcoma Research

Some basic facts about sarcoma research:

  • Sarcomas are a diverse, rare group of malignancies that affect bone, muscle, fat, peripheral nerves and soft tissues.
  • They are the fifth most frequently observed malignancy in adolescents and young adults.
  • Sarcomas are discovered in over 10,000 Americans every year with around 250,000 worldwide.
  • Treatment involves a combination of surgery, high dose chemotherapy and radiation therapy; consequently patients benefit when treated in medical centers with a complex multidisciplinary approach to care, a strong research program focused on understanding the biology and diagnosis of sarcomas, and a faculty of physicians and scientists invested in developing new therapeutic strategies.
  • Although significant strides have been made in treatment, upwards of 35-40% of affected individuals die each year, especially those with chemotherapy-resistant disease or metastatic disease at diagnosis.
  • Given the rarity of these cancers, efforts to identify new treatment agents have lagged behind those for breast, prostate and other pediatric cancers.

Given these basic facts about sarcoma and its treatment, philanthropy, in the form of private donations for basic science research to funds like the Ted Mullin Fund, is essential in ultimately finding a cure for sarcoma.